Singing in StaS

How is it to sing in StaS?

Well, firstly it is very fun! You meet people who are interested in the same thing as you, and at the same time you can really evolve as a singer and choir singer. With a trained singer as a conductor, every rehearsal is filled with not only rehearsing new material, but also song technical tips. A few times a semester there are group exercises for each voice group. In these group rehearsals you get to focus even more on the technical song stuff, and it becomes a bit like a group song class, while working on the choral music repertoire.

We are a quite serious choir, and we think it is a nice balance. We are ambitious, are precise to rehearsals, we’re concentrated and want to use our strong potential, and at the same time it is always fun on our rehearsals. We have, among other things, a special candy committee that ensures an extra good atmosphere during breaks .. After the rehearsal it is not uncommon to advance to Kvarteret for a little socializing, and at irregular intervals an invitation to a party or an other get together, will arrive.

The choir is part of the Domkirkemenigheten which means that we get financial support, rehearsal rooms and are allowed to take part in concerts organized by the church. We also sing three times a semester in Nykirken where we come as lead singers and some times sing some of our own repertoire as well.

If you have questions please send an email to: stasstyret(a) or conductor Tore (tore tenor (a)



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