About the choir

Sancta Sunniva Chamber Choir is a mixed chorus for youths and young adults from Bergen, Norway. It was founded by conductor Tore Kloster in 2002. Under the auspices of the Bergen Cathedral since 2010, the choir is an offering to young singers with an interest for classical choral music and a desire to grow as an ensemble singer. Today the choir consists of fourty singers, of which twenty-five women and fifteen men are between the age of eighteen to thirty. Having already performed Purcell’s ‘Funeral Music for Queen Mary’ for their Easter project this year, the choir bring has a great a cappella repertoire, which includes composers like Chilcott, Nystedt, Gyöngösi, and some madrigals and norwegian folk-songs. This fall we are singing a christmas concert in Domkirken, a project with a band in Hulen in addition to the regular rehearsals and a small trip round the county.

Lower age limit is 18 years. The choir focuses on music from the Renaissance and Baroque as well as music from the 20th and 21st centuries. The choir sings both secular music and church music, and is connected to Domkirken in Bergen.

Our first project the spring 2015 was the concert «My prayer» in Bergen Domkirke, with music by  Purcell, Grechaninov and Chilcott among others. This summer we travelled to Gorizia, Italy to attend a choir festival and competition. It went quite well and was a great experience!

Stas has a good social environment and our members are mainly students. It is common for members to have some singing experience but it is of course possible to audition for StaS if you don’t have choral background too. The choir is constantly working to help the singers to get better, both to sing and to making music. StaS rehearses in Johanneskirken, mondays kl 1845-2115. We take in new singers each semester in August and January.  

If you are interested in joining the choir: Please contact the choir per email stasstyret@gmail.com or conductor Tore Kloster (tore tenor (a) gmail.com) if you have any questions.

OPEN REHEARSALS:  In August 2017 there will be two open rehearsals. The first 28th of August and the second the 4th of September. Join an ordinary rehearsal and see if it is something you’d like!


– Singing in StaS

– About our condutor


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